Wienerberger at a Glance
The History of Wienerberger

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From an Austrian brick manufacturer…

Wienerberger was founded in 1819 by Alois Miesbach in the Wienerberg district on the southern outskirts of Vienna. The Austrian brick manufacturer became one of the first companies to be listed on the Vienna Stock Exchange in 1869. Wienerberger is now a publicly traded company with a 100% free float of its shares. Details regarding the shareholder structure are outlined in the 2014 Annual Report. The company took its first step towards internationalization through the takeover of the Oltmanns Group in 1986, which was followed by a successful expansion into Eastern Europe, France and the Benelux countries during the 1990s. The establishment of Pipelife (plastic pipes) as a joint venture and the development of the Group’s ceramic pipe and concrete paver activities also occurred during these years.

…to a global player…

After a further period of expansion in Europe, the Wienerberger Group developed into a global player with the takeover of General Shale in the USA in 1999. Another strategic milestone was set in 2003 with the Group’s entry into the roofing systems market through the acquisition of Koramic and the steady expansion of this business in the following years.

…and an international supplier of building material and infrastructure solutions

With the full takeover of Semmelrock (2010), Steinzeug-Keramo (2011), Pipelife (2012) and the clay roof tile producer Tondach Gleinstätten in 2014, Wienerberger completed its transformation into an international supplier of building material and infrastructure solutions comprising the Divisions Clay Building Materials Europe and Pipes & Pavers Europe.

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