Wienerberger’s Sustainability Management
Structures of Sustainable Corporate Governance

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Actors of Wienerberger’s sustainability commitment

In an effort to further optimize its sustainability commitment, Wienerberger has introduced clearly defined structures and processes for sustainability management. In 2014, a Sustainability Management Department, reporting directly to the CEO and headed by a Corporate Sustainability Officer (CSO), was established. The CSO is responsible for monitoring the operational implementation of the targets defined by the Sustainability Steering Committee (SSC) and reports regularly to the latter.

The Sustainability Steering Committee

The SSC, comprising the enlarged Managing Board of the Wienerberger Group (CEO and CFO of the Wienerberger Group, CEOs of the business units), is the top-level body responsible for sustainability management. It is chaired by the CEO. The CEOs of the business units are responsible for implementing the sustainability targets in their respective business units. They are supported by their sustainability officers. The Group CFO is responsible for the correct compilation and presentation of the sustainability data; at business unit level, this responsibility lies with the CFOs of the business units.


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