Process Materiality Analysis: Clay Bricks and Roof Tiles Segment
Sustainability Roadmap 2020: Clay Bricks and Roof Tiles Segment

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Supply chain and new materials
Enivronmental aspects in production
Social aspects in production

1 Avoidance of hazardous substances

  • Analysis of and research on the substitution of potentially hazardous substances (North America)

2 Availability of clay and loam

  • Analysis of all clay pits within the framework of the Raw Material Risk Management System (CBME)
  • Development of a Raw Material Availability Map (North America)

3 Protection of local residents and employees at extraction sites

  • Continuous monitoring of dust exposure and water quality, communication with local residents at all sites through newsletters, increased focus on safety standards and training (North America)

1 Energy efficiency

  • Reduction of natural gas consumption at selected production sites by 5% each by 2016, compared with 2015 (North America)
  • Reduction of specific energy consumption by 20% by 2020, compared with 2010 (CBME)

2 Climate protection

  • Conversion of all main production sites from coal to natural gas by 2016 (North America)
  • Reduction of specific CO emissions from primary sources of energy by 20% by 2020, compared with 2010 (CBME)

3 Resource efficiency and waste management

  • Resource efficiency and waste management as part of strategic development (CBME)
  • Optimization of closed cycles and recyclable packaging material (North America)

1 Safety and health of employees

  • Group level: Zero accidents
  • Strategy for the reduction of respirable crystalline silica (CBME)
  • Group level: Extension of respirable crystalline silica measurements to >95% of all ceramic plants by 2020

2 Business ethics and compliance

  • Group level: Zero incidents of corruption

4, 6, 7 Active involvement of employees, Employee satisfaction, Diversity/equal opportunities

  • CBME and North America participate in all Group-wide initiatives

1 Innovative and sustainable products

  • Group level: Increase of the share of innovative products in total revenues
  • Expansion of market share of “Endurance Brick”, new product launch in 2015 (North America)

5 Recyclability, recycling and re-use of products
8 Use of recycling material

  • Development of strategies and research projects aimed at the recycling of ceramic products (CBME)
  • Research projects for recycling and re-use (CBME)
  • Increased focus on internal recycling of ceramic production waste (North America)
  • Research on the use of recycling materials as additives

Material sustainability issues for the Clay Bricks and Roof Tiles Segment


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