Process Materiality Analysis: Concrete Pavers Segment
Sustainability Roadmap 2020: Concrete Pavers Segment

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Supply chain and raw materials
Environmental aspects in production
Social aspects in production

1 Availability of raw materials

  • Assessment of raw material supply risks
  • Development of a raw material sourcing strategy

2 Nature conservation at extraction sites

  • Increase in the share of regional suppliers of additivese

3 Use of recycled concrete

  • Analysis of the feasibility of using recycled concrete in the various fields of production
  • Pilot projects and studies aimed at increasing the percentage of recycling material

4 COemissions from cement production

  • Optimization of product formulation to reduce the percentage of cement used
  • Pilot project to promote the use of less energy-intensive cement

5 Natural aggregates

  • Classification of raw materials by potential hazard, setting of substitution targets, if applicable

1 Resource efficiency and waste management

  • Reduction of scrap rate by 15% by 2015 and by 50% by 2017, both compared with 2014

2 Sparing use of water

  • Improvement of water consumption monitoring
  • Pilot project to introduce closed water cycle (2016)

3 Energy efficiency

  • Performance of energy audits and pilot project aimed at energy optimization (by 2017)

1 Safety and health of employees

  • Group level: Zero accidents
  • Rollout of respirable crystalline silica measurements to 100% of plants, including non-ceramic plants (North America) ²
  • Program “Safety@Semmelrock”
  • Optimization of production through technical safety measures
  • Introduction of “Accident Investigation Report Semmelrock (AIRS)“
  • Establishment of an internal communication platform
  • Development of a safety guideline (2016)

2 Business ethics and compliance

  • Group level: Zero incidents of corruption
  • Definition of indicators, e.g. percentage of corporate units audited or ethics training events
  • Establishment of a compliance management system

3, 4, 5 Employee satisfaction, Active involvement of employees, Diversity/equal opportunities

  • Establishment of a knowledge base and introduction of training tools to improve know-how and competencies

7 Training of employees

  • Semmelrock participates in all Group-wide initiatives
  • Initiatives regarding diversity management and a family-friendly corporate culture by 2020

2 Innovative and sustainable products

  • Group level: Increase of the share of innovative products in total revenues

8 Sustainability in construction and demolition

  • Development of solutions for unsealed surfaces; offer of assistance in paver setting

1 For concrete pavers, an assessment by internal stakeholders was performed in 2014. An assessment by external stakeholders is being prepared.
2 Target applies to Arriscraft, North America. All other targets apply to Semmelrock.

Material sustainability issues for the Concrete Pavers Segment


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