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Membership in associations

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Founding member of the Austrian UN Global Compact Network

Wienerberger acceded to the UN Global Compact in 2003. Moreover, Wienerberger is a founding member of respACT, the Austrian UN Global Compact Network and, as such, fully committed to the ten principles of the UN Global Compact on human rights, labor standards, environmental protection – including the precautionary principle – and the fight against corruption. The current progress report (CoP – Communication on Progress) for 2014, please refer to page 103 et seq. and the Wienerberger website.

Wienerberger actively participates in political opinion-shaping

Moreover, Wienerberger is a member of various European and national representative bodies, platforms and technical committees and thereby actively contributes to the process of political opinion-shaping. We address the developments in the individual markets, such as the growing trend towards urbanization, and wish to offer decision-makers practical, sustainable and, above all, affordable solutions for new residential construction, infrastructure and renovation.

Membership in national and European ceramics associations

In the brick sector, Wienerberger’s local companies are members in national brick industry associations, which in turn are organized within the framework of Tiles and Bricks Europe (TBE), the Brussels-based European umbrella organization of brick and roof tile producers. 2014 CEO Heimo Scheuch served as vice president of TBE and participated regularly in the Executive Committee meetings. TBE is an active member of Cerame-Unie, the European umbrella organization of the European ceramics industry, where CEO Heimo Scheuch holds the position of the vice president. In cooperation with members of the European Parliament, Cerame- Unie organizes the annual European Parliament Ceramics Forum, which takes place in the European Parliament and provides a platform for the exchange of information and communication between industry representatives, the European Commission and policy-makers on topical economic-policy issues. From 2015 CEO Heimo Scheuch also serves as president of Construction Products Europe (CPE), an organization representing the interests of the European building material producers vis-à-vis various institutions and social groups.

Steinzeug-Keramo is a member of national and international associations

In the segment of ceramic waste-water systems, we are represented by Steinzeug-Keramo in the German Trade Association of the Vitrified Clay Industry, which in turn is a member of Feugres, the European Association of the Vitrified Clay Pipe Industry, and Cerame-Unie, the European Ceramic Industry Association. Through these associations, Steinzeug-Keramo participates in discussions on technical, ecological and economic issues in Europe. Moreover, as a member of the German Trade Association of the Vitrified Clay Industry, Steinzeug-Keramo is actively involved in the field of standardization and contributes its expertise in waste-water systems to the elaboration of waste-water industry standards at European (CEN) and national level (GRIS in Austria, VLARIO in Belgium, DIN and DWA in Germany). In its national markets, Steinzeug-Keramo participates in the work of numerous technical bodies and is therefore in a position to identify and influence trends and market developments at an early point in time.

Pipelife is a member of TEPPFA

Wienerberger’s plastic pipe business is represented in the European Plastic Pipes and Fitting Association (TEPPFA) through Pipelife. Niels Rune Solgaard-Nielsen, CEO of Pipelife, is President of TEPPFA since 2013. Through our membership, we actively participate in the process of political opinion-shaping at European level, and support key issues such as recycling, the elaboration of product standards for plastic pipes, and the preparation of environmental product declarations. The Pipelife Group also plays an active role in a number of international associations, such as VinylPlus and PVC4PIPES. At country level, Pipelife is represented in national associations and other bodies. In Austria, for example, Pipelife participates in standardization committees and other technical bodies as a specialist in plastic pipe systems, thus making important contributions to the further development of the high quality standards applicable in Austria.

Semmelrock is a member of VÖB

In the field of concrete pavers, Semmelrock represents the Wienerberger Group in the Association of Precast Concrete Plants (VÖB). Robert F. Holzer, CEO of Semmelrock, currently holds the position of vice president of VÖB. The association represents the interests of all precast concrete producers in Austria, serving as a knowledge platform and an advocate of the sector’s interests. VÖB is a member of the Bureau International du Béton Manufacturé (BIBM), which represents its membership at European level.

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