Principles of Sustainable Product Management

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Creation of lasting values through high-quality building material and infrastructure solutions

A central principle of product development at Wienerberger is the creation of lasting value for our customers by supplying them with durable and innovative building material and infrastructure solutions. We view sustainability as a function of a product’s service life as well as of its impact on the environment during raw material extraction, production, transport, installation, use and disposal. Wienerberger brick products are an integral part of sustainable building concepts. They guarantee a high quality of life and make an active contribution to the fight against climate change. In the field of pipes and pavers, we offer system solutions for present-day challenges, including the demands on water management resulting from climate change and increasing urbanization.

Meeting modern building requirements through a system-based approach

In view of what users and principals expect of a modern building, and considering the numerous regulatory requirements to be met, such as the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD), system-based approaches to building construction are getting more and more important. Integrated system solutions enable us to combine the outstanding properties of individual products of the Wienerberger product portfolio with products supplied by our partners in the field of building services and facilities in order to obtain the best possible results.

Principles of sustainable product management

The general principles of Wienerberger’s sustainable product management are presented in detail on the Wienerberger website. The 2014 Sustainability Report contains a brief description of the essential aspects of these general principles. The quantitative targets and measures are summarized at the end of this chapter under “Targets and Future Measures Relating to Products”.

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