Essential Product Qualities
Tightness and avoidance of leakage

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In the course of the materiality analysis, the product qualities outlined below were identified as essential for the Wienerberger Group. We take this as confirmation of our efforts undertaken in the area of innovative product management.

Infrastructure solutions for a variety of applications

Our plastic and vitrified clay pipes have excellent mechanical properties, such as high compressive strength, abrasion resistance, bending tensile strength, resistance to biological and chemical substances, and frost resistance, and meet the most demanding tightness requirements. Moreover, products by Pipelife and Steinzeug-Keramo are absolutely corrosion-proof and guaranteed to be leak-free. Thanks to these properties, plastic pipe systems by Pipelife and vitrified clay pipe systems by Steinzeug-Keramo are suited for a broad range of applications, such as rain and waste water disposal, sanitary and heating installations, sewage systems, and gas and drinking water supply systems.

KERAPORT sets new standards of tightness and corrosion resistance

The ceramic coupling, an accessory manufactured by Steinzeug-Keramo, ensures the perfect connection of vitrified clay pipes, regardless of whether a building is newly erected or retrofitted. Steinzeug-Keramo’s new KERAPORT manholes supplement the range of ceramic system solutions in the vertical dimension and set new standards of tightness and corrosion resistance. The manholes are available in nominal widths from DN 600 to DN 1200 and are lined with a tailor-made channel.

Soluforce products are extremely resistant to chemicals and corrosion

All products of Pipelife’s Soluforce family come with a plastic inner layer, which makes them extremely resistant to aggressive chemicals and corrosion, a major advantage compared to conventional steel pipes. Soluforce Heavy, a steel-mesh-reinforced pipe of extremely high compressive strength, was developed for high-pressure applications in the oil and gas industry. Pipelife has continuously enlarged the Soluforce product range in recent years.

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