Essential Product Qualities
Sustainability during construction

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In the course of the materiality analysis, the product qualities outlined below were identified as essential for the Wienerberger Group. We take this as confirmation of our efforts undertaken in the area of innovative product management.

Environmental aspects need to be taken into account during the construction phase …

Various environmental aspects have to be taken into account during the construction phase. A high quality of construction work increases the durability of the product, minimizes the need for repairs, and helps to save natural resources. For example, trenchless methods of installing Steinzeug-Keramo products avoid excavation work.

… in order to increase service life and avoid repairs

The consumption of natural resources and the carbon footprint over the entire life cycle are reduced. Thorough planning of construction work also reduces the volume of scrap and the quantity of products to be returned, which in turn diminishes the need for transport. Accident prevention, safety and health are other important aspects to be considered during the construction phase.

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