Essential Product Qualities
Long service life, cost-effectiveness and contribution to the preservation of cultural heritage

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In the course of the materiality analysis, the product qualities outlined below were identified as essential for the Wienerberger Group. We take this as confirmation of our efforts undertaken in the area of innovative product management.

Wienerberger products are durable, strong and easy to maintain in good condition. This helps to increase their service life, preserve natural resources, and reduce the carbon footprint of the products. Wienerberger products offer the advantage of easy maintenance.

Wienerberger products help to preserve cultural heritage

Moreover, our products actively contribute to the preservation of historical monuments and classified buildings. Roofs are integral parts of buildings and testify to the design preferences, architectural styles and engineering methods characteristic of individual periods in history. Wienerberger roof tiles, which have a service life of over 100 years, help to preserve the original appearance of buildings of historical interest.

“Trophées Aléonard” for the preservation of historical heritage

Our Aléonard roof tiles, for example, can be adjusted to regional traditions through their various sizes and colors; they are well suited for new construction, for the renovation of historical buildings such as palaces, old villas or monasteries, and for entire roofscapes in towns. Since 1872, this roof tile has contributed to the preservation of cultural heritage. To promote the use of Aléonard roof tiles and support the preservation of historical buildings, our Wienerberger colleagues in France created the “Trophées Aléonard”, a prize awarded since 2004. The award honors roof-setters for their skilled use of Aléonard roof tiles. In 2014, a total of 35 projects were entered for the award in five categories: historical buildings, renovation, first-time use of the product, new buildings, and the special prize of the jury.

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