Essential Product Qualities
Energy efficiency and climate protection

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In the course of the materiality analysis, the product qualities outlined below were identified as essential for the Wienerberger Group. We take this as confirmation of our efforts undertaken in the area of innovative product management.

Energy efficiency and climate action as core tasks

Anthropogenic climate change is a central challenge for the future. Wienerberger has set itself the goal of promoting the transition to a competitive, resource-efficient and energyefficient economy. We support the transition to a “low-carbon economy” with our energy-saving building material and infrastructure solutions and our energy-efficient building design concepts. In our opinion, the building materials of the future must contribute to the goal of slowing down climate change and to support climate change adaptation.

Pipelife contributes to sustainable energy generation

In order to promote alternative and sustainable forms of energy generation, Pipelife invested in the improvement of its geothermal energy system and launched its own probing system in 2014. Ground probe systems and collectors for almost all applications are sold under the brand names of DUETA and GEOLIFE. In combination with Pipelife’s underfloor, wall and ceiling heating and cooling systems, energy generation from the earth is an important component in the sustainable and environment-friendly development of heating systems.

KeraBase and KeraPro vitrified clay pipes are climate-neutral

Steinzeug-Keramo’s climate-neutral pipes are an excellent illustration of the company’s commitment to climate and environmental protection. KeraBase and KeraPro vitrified clay pipes, produced by means of the future-oriented fast-firing process, are completely climateneutral – from the extraction of raw materials to delivery to the construction site. The total emissions caused throughout the process are calculated and compensated through climate action projects audited and registered on the basis of internationally recognized standards and guidelines. The importance attributed to sustainability and environmental protection at Steinzeug- Keramo is also reflected in the technology of trenchless installation by means of jacking pipes, and the company’s Cradle to Cradle® certification.

Clay blocks help to combat climate change

The energy consumption of buildings also plays an important role in the fight against climate change. The European Union has therefore adopted a Directive requiring that, from 1 January 2021, all new buildings meet the standard of a “nearly zero-energy building”. The Clay Building Materials Europe Division offers building material solutions to meet these future requirements, such as special bricks for external walls with a particularly high thermal insulation value. A clay block filled with insulating material is an innovative combination of a brick with high-quality insulating material in the perforations, which ensures excellent thermal insulation. Clay blocks without infill material also have excellent thermal insulation properties, as their heat conductivity is extremely low on account of the special ceramic material used and the design of the block geometry. When external walls are made of such innovative products, the façade does not require an additional insulating layer.

Raineo® helps to avoid flooding and water pollution

As a result of global climate change, extreme weather events are occurring more and more frequently in many parts of the world: we are experiencing excessive rainfall, long periods of drought, extreme heat and floods. Raineo®, Pipelife’s innovative rain water management system, helps to avoid flooding and water pollution, above all in urban areas. The Stormbox is a sophisticated modular system of plastic containers that serves as an underground water reservoir. It holds large quantities of rain water, which can later be used in the household or for irrigation purposes.

Pipelife products for irrigation and drainage in agriculture

One of the crucial challenges for a growing world population in times of climate change is to increase agricultural yield. Irrigation is one way of addressing this challenge. However, in order to maintain the quality of the soil, measures must be taken to prevent soil salination, e.g. through drainage. Moreover, the quantity of water drawn for irrigation must not exceed the natural recharge. Pipelife offers solutions for irrigation and drainage in agriculture. Drainage systems also help to prevent landslides, which tend to occur more frequently under the impact of heavy rainfall.

Sturmfix makes roof tiles storm-proof

Through the introduction of upon-rafter insulation systems for thermal rehabilitation, Wienerberger is positioning itself as a full-range supplier in the roof segment. Due to extreme wind and weather conditions, roofs have to meet more demanding requirements in terms of storm resistance. With this in mind, Wienerberger launched its patented Sturmfix system. Roof tiles fastened by means of special storm hooks resist even the worst storm.

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