Water Consumption

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Wienerberger Group further reduced its water consumption

The Wienerberger Group succeeded in further reducing its total water consumption in 2014 by 3%, whereas the volume of water drawn from public networks increased by 3%. We attempt to use water that comes primarily from closed systems and from our own wells.

Water consumption
2012 2013 2014 1 Change in %
Wienerberger Group in million m3 3.2 3.8 3.7 – 3
of which from public networks in % 45 38 39 + 3

1 Tondach Gleinstätten non included.

Specific water consumption further reduced in almost all operating segments

In the year under review, specific water consumption was again reduced significantly in almost all operating segments. Water plays a secondary role in ceramic production. In contrast, plastic pipe production requires comparatively large volumes of water to cool the extruded pipes. Pipelife therefore uses water from own sources (wells), from ponds (rainwater) or rivers. Investments in the optimization of water management continued in 2014, particularly in the plastic pipe segment, where they resulted in a further 2% drop in specific water consumption by Pipelife. The water consumption in paver production resulted from the percentage of premium products with special protective surface finishing (Semmelrock Premium Protect) produced in 2014, which greatly facilitates cleaning even of heavily soiled surfaces.

Specific water consumption
in m3/t 2012 2013 2014 1 Chance in %
Brick products 2 0.186 0.178 0.170 – 4
Ceramic pipes 0.242 0.227 0.219 – 4
Plastic pipes 4.476 4.238 4.133 – 2
Concrete pavers 0.047 0.050 0.050 0

1 Tondach Gleinstätten not included.
2 The previous year’s figures were restated due to correction of the tonnage produced by one roof tile plant.

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