Targets and Future Measures Relating to Production
Resource efficiency and waste management

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The following targets and future measures were defined by the Managing Board of Wienerberger AG and the business unit CEOs. The decisions were taken on the basis of the materiality matrix developed in 2014 for the individual business units and at Group level. The measures foreseen are part of the Wienerberger Sustainability Roadmap 2020.

Clay Building Materials Europe will optimize the business-unit-specific strategy on resource efficiency and waste management in 2015.

North America will further optimize its closed resource cycle in 2015 and 2016 and try out new possibilities of using recycled additives. Moreover, the recycling of packaging materials is to be extended and the sale of products in “bulk bags” (stable, re-usable containers) instead of paper bags is to be rolled out.

Semmelrock will reduce its scrap rate in production by 15% compared with 2014; the target for 2017 is a 50% reduction compared with 2014.

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