Targets and Future Measures Relating to Production
Protection of local residents, nature conservation and re-use of clay pits

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The following targets and future measures were defined by the Managing Board of Wienerberger AG and the business unit CEOs. The decisions were taken on the basis of the materiality matrix developed in 2014 for the individual business units and at Group level. The measures foreseen are part of the Wienerberger Sustainability Roadmap 2020.

At Group level Wienerberger has undertaken to draft a code of conduct for suppliers by the end of 2015.

North America guarantees that its production sites will be checked regularly for dust emissions and water quality. Open and transparent communication with local residents and local authorities is a matter of special concern for General Shale.

Pipelife wants to make sure that its suppliers commit to a responsible way of interacting with people and the environment in accordance with the “Pipelife Supplier Code of Conduct”.

Semmelrock will increase the number of local suppliers of additives in 2015, depending on conditions at the respective production sites.

Steinzeug-Keramo will develop its own standard for nature conservation and the meaningful re-use of spent clay pit. Ultimately, this standard is to be applied to suppliers as well. The business unit will perform a supplier audit in 2016.

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