Targets and Future Measures Relating to Production
Availability of raw materials

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Clay Building Materials Europe (CBME) will secure the availability of raw materials for a period of 20 years. In the course of 2015, CBME will establish a raw material risk management system that identifies all clay pits with short-term availabilities at an early point in time.

North America checks the availability of raw material from its own clay pits by means of a “raw material availability map”. The system triggers an alarm as soon as the availability of raw material from the clay pit drops below the amount required for ten years of operation. North America will intensify its monitoring of the raw material availability map in the coming years.

Pipelife will draw up a list of all products and their suppliers for all essential product groups by 2017 and implement a strategy for the avoidance of supply shortages on that basis.

Semmelrock will perform a risk assessment regarding raw material supply in 2015 and subsequently develop a raw material procurement strategy, which is to be implemented step by step by 2016.

Steinzeug-Keramo will carry out a survey of the availability of raw materials from its own clay pits and from supplier-operated extraction sites in 2015 and identify potential risks.

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