Principles of Sustainable Production

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Production in harmony with the environment

Our goal is to minimize the environmental impact of our production processes and our use of raw materials. A responsible way of operating our clay extraction sites, the best possible conservation of resources, and an increase in the percentage of recycled materials used: these are the central principles governing our production activity. We are well aware that industrial production processes always involve a certain degree of interference with the natural environment. Therefore, production in harmony with the environment is a matter of great importance to us.

Focus on key aspects in sustainable production

Conservation of resources in production is a key aspect in both the ceramic production as well as the production of plastic pipes and concrete pavers. We focus on the responsible use of our raw materials and other resources, such as energy and water. In addition, we constantly work on contributing to the fight against climate change through greater energy efficiency and the reduction of our CO2 emissions from production. In all business units we strive to increase the amount of recycled material used in production, considering the technical and economic possibilities.

Principles of environmental management in production

A detailed presentation of the general principles of production, updated on the basis of the materiality analysis performed, can be found on the Wienerberger website. The Sustainability Report 2014 briefl y outlines the essential aspects of these principles. The detailed targets and measures of the individual divisions and business units in the area of production are summarized at the end of this chapter under “Targets and Future Measures Relating to Production”.

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