CO2 Emissions
Capture Methode

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CO2 emission data collected according to the method applied by the European Emissions Trading System

In the collection of CO2 emission data, we apply the method of the European Union Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS system), which records direct CO2 emissions, excluding indirect CO2 emissions resulting from the use of electricity. Accordingly, the only relevant data are CO2 emissions from our ceramic production (bricks and ceramic pipes). CO2 emissions from primary energy sources vary in line with energy consumption, whereas so-called process emissions result from the raw material and, in clay block production, from the use of poreforming agents. Electrical energy is used in the production of plastic pipes and concrete pavers, with the related CO2 emissions being attributed to the electricity producer.

2013 as the new reference year for future developments

The changes brought about by the transition to the third trading period of the European Union Emissions Trading Scheme and the resulting decision taken by the Wienerberger Sustainability Steering Committee were described in the 2013 Sustainability Update. On account of the transition to the third trading period, emission data collected in 2013 now provide the new reference base for future developments.

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