Targets and Future Measures Relating to our Employees
Safety of our employees

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At Group level, our long-term target is zero accidents. Every single occupational accident is analyzed at Group level; core issues and possible Group-wide initiatives are evaluated once a year. In 2015, a specific target for investments in research and development and the development of additional safety measures will be defined. To reach the Group target, the business units have taken and/or planned a variety of measures.

Clay Building Materials Europe (CBME) will implement the safety alert, developed in 2014, in the course of 2015. Exemplary behavior will again be rewarded with the Safety Award. Another innovation planned for 2015 is the installation of a safety manager, who will be responsible exclusively for the safety issues of the entire Division and coordinate all safety measures and safety standards.

North America will introduce monthly meetings on safety issues and reporting lines between the top management and the local management. Additionally, a person responsible for safety will be nominated at each production site; their mandates will include the aforementioned measures as well as communication on safety matters. To advance the development process, each production site will define its safety targets for the coming two years.

Pipelife plans to implement safety calls, a measure introduced in 2014, on the basis of past experience. Every time an accident occurs, a safety call is organized with the managing directors of all local companies of the business unit to analyze the cause of the accident, to share experience and to initiate the necessary improvement steps.

Semmelrock will continue its “Safety@Semmelrock” program in 2015, introduce technical measures to optimize its production processes, and use the “Accident Investigation Report Semmelrock” (AIRS) as well as an internal communication platform. From 2016, there will be a new safety guideline, and corresponding agreements will be made with the management.

Steinzeug-Keramo will define business-unit-specific benchmarks for safety measures, on the basis of the initiatives taken by the Wienerberger Group. By 2016, the business unit will continuously invest in safety and health measures and analyze its production workplaces for potential risks. The measures taken will be subject to regular internal audits.

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