Processes and Instruments of Sustainable Human Resources Management

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Employee development and counseling: a central responsibility of HR

The counseling and development of all our employees in line with the Group’s strategic goals is the top priority of human resources management. The responsibilities of human resources (HR) include the recruitment of new employees, the promotion of cross-border know how transfer, occupational safety, employee communication, talent management and succession planning. The organization of training and learning platforms, appropriate compensation and bonus systems, industrial relations, and socially responsible headcount reduction measures within the framework of restructuring programs are among the core tasks of HR management.

HR instruments for sustainable personnel management

The following HR instruments are employed to support human resources management at Wienerberger:

  • Management Review: Annual appraisal of senior management and succession planning for senior management positions to ensure well-structured and transparent career and succession planning. In 2014, the management database included approx. 130 employees.
  • Safety, Health and Education (SHE) Reporting: Data on developments in the fields of occupational safety and health as well as initial and further training are gathered every four months and used as a basis for targeted management measures.
  • Wienerberger Safety Initiative: Mandatory safety standards and continuous activities to ensure maximum occupational safety at all plants of the Wienerberger Group. For years, Pipelife has been working with the STOP™ Program (Safety Training Observation Program), which is described in detail in the section on occupational safety and health.

All figures including Pipelife as of June 2012 and excluding Tondach

The following key figures include Pipelife for the whole year of 2012. Regarding the number of employees, Pipelife is only included as of June 2012. This variation is clearly stated at the respective table. Tondach Gleinstätten has been fully consolidated as of July 2014, but is not yet included in the 2014 Sustainability Report. The necessary structures for the collection of sustainability data are not yet in place at Tondach Gleinstätten, but are currently being implemented.

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