Communication and Employee Involvement

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Strengthening awareness for the importance of our corporate culture

Corporate culture plays an important role at Wienerberger. It is the visible expression of our shared values and constitutes the central foundation of our organization. We intend to further strengthen these values across the Group and translate them into everyday reality through continuous communication measures and practical examples. We are firmly committed to the principles of sustainability, respect for other cultures and opinions, and entrepreneurial spirit and action. These principles guide our human resources management. The selection and development of employees on the basis of our shared values – expertise, passion, integrity and respect, customer orientation, entrepreneurship, quality, responsibility – is an essential goal for us, which we continued to pursue in 2014 through various support and networking measures. To strengthen awareness of the importance of our corporate culture, we made sure that our values were at the focus of attention at all company levels.

Use of various communication channels and platforms

We use a variety of communication channels and platforms to inform our employees about corporate targets and strategies as well as current developments. Moreover, we take a variety of measures to ensure the active involvement of our employees:

  • Social media
    Our employer branding profile on XING and LinkedIn was professionalized in 2014. News postings informing about events and success stories as well as corporate strategies and career options are published regularly. An increase in reach has been observed since the launch of the employer branding initiative. The large number of interactions and reactions to news mainly come from our employees. To make our social media presence even more attractive and to respond more effectively to the needs of our target groups, an employer branding strategy was developed in the second half of 2014 for implementation at the beginning of 2015. The strategy comprises, for example, a professional presence on the employer evaluation platform Kununu, which features authentic and honest reports and serves as an important source of information for potential applicants.


  • Group-wide newsletters and video messages
    Monthly newsletters are produced in Vienna and sent to all business unit headquarters, which then transmit relevant information and news to their local companies. We also inform our employees about all organizational changes. Quarterly video messages, in which our CEO addresses all employees to explain current changes and provide background information on the operating results achieved, are disseminated throughout the Group.


  • Ideas & more
    Via the information platform “ideas & more“, a simple and transparent online idea management tool, our employees can contribute their own ideas which, if implemented, are also rewarded. This tool was originally introduced by Pipelife and subsequently rolled out. It encourages the creativity and the entrepreneurial spirit of our employees and significantly increases the rate of interaction at Wienerberger. A total of 944 ideas were posted by our employees in 2014, about a third of which were implemented during the same year.


  • Specific communication instruments of the business units and their local companies
    Our business units and their local companies operate in a variety of production areas and therefore have to address completely different issues. Therefore, the business units and their local companies use their own internal communication tools. These include, for instance, specialized newsletters, multilingual knowledge bases on a variety of topics or, in the case of Pipelife, an app store for optimized information exchange.


  • Events
    Various events are organized to promote the Wienerberger corporate culture, to encourage communication and networking between individual teams, departments and business units, and to facilitate the exchange of knowledge within the business units. These range from international marketing meetings, product management meetings and online meetings to networking events and arrangements for the clear distribution of tasks. Regular presentations by the Managing Board on developments within the company serve to keep everyone up to date on what is happening in the company. Moreover, the Managing Board regularly hosts the so-called CEO breakfast, where employees have a chance to meet the CEO and to engage in a personal exchange.


  • Best Practice Poster
    Within the framework of the “Inside – Focus on our Employees” initiative, best-practice examples of employees and projects relating to our corporate values were presented via several communication channels.


  • Intranet
    The Intranet in its current form, called iComm, is a simple, static platform on which the departments can present themselves and provide relevant information for downloading. Moreover, news items are published regularly on the Intranet. Besides Wienerberger AG, the CBME countries of Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, France and Great Britain are already actively represented on iComm. In order to intensify the level of interaction and communication among the employees of all business units and countries, the Managing Board initiated a project in 2014 to relaunch the Intranet. The underlying idea is to develop a technical solution for the Intranet as a central point of access for efficient working and for Group-wide dialogue, networking and interaction. The project vision is: “iComm is my gateway to the Wienerberger world, where I can network and communicate with colleagues to cooperate more efficiently and to share knowledge.” This vision will be implemented in 2015 and 2016.
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